Visit to Institute of Dermatology, Chinese Medical Academy

Invited by Dr. Heng Gu, director, our delegation visited the Institute of Dermatology, Chinese Medical Academy in Nanjing in November 5, 2017, immediately after CDA 2017 annual meeting.

The visit was a learning experience for us. Academic exchanges were well received.



Dr. An Yen from a private clinic and University of California, Davis introduced our delegation members and expressed our gratitude to Dr. Heng Gu, institution director’s invitation and hospitality.



Presentation by Dr. Linglei Ma from George Washington University



Presentation by Dr. Youwen Zhou from University of British Columbia


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Group photo with directors and other colleagues of the institute.


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Group photo with directors, other colleagues of the institute. Late Dr. Haide Ma was an influential, well known expert on leprosy and past director of this prestigious institute. This statue is in memory for his contributions to medicine in China.


Tour of Old Presidential Palace Accompanied by Drs. Xu Chen and Chao Luan of the institute. Many thanks to them!

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